Legal Requirements


Legal Requirements for your upcoming Wedding.


Before the Ceremony


Notice of intended marriage. (NOIM)


A Notice of Intended Marriage Form is required by the law under the Australian Marriage Act 1961. This is to be completed and lodged with me at least one (1) Calendar month or up to eighteen (18) months prior to your wedding day. This will be supplied by me and completed on our first meeting.


The documents that are required to be sighted by me to complete the (NOIM) are:

  • Original Birth Certificates of the Bride & Groom must be produced if born in Australia.
  • Original Passport if no Birth Certificate available if born outside Australia.


If either party has been married before, then the following documents are required:

  • Original Decree Absolute (if divorced)
  • Original Death Certificate (if spouse deceased)


If either party has changed their name by Deed Poll, official documentation is required.


Form 14 Declaration

The Bride & Groom are required to complete and sign a Declaration of Marriage prior to the ceremony confirming that there is no legal reason why the marriage can not take place. (l usually suggest we complete this part of the legal requirements on the day of your rehearsal prior to your special day.)


After the Wedding Ceremony

On the day you will need to have two (2) people over the age of 18 present at your ceremony. They will need to witness to your marriage and sign the Certificate of Marriage and the Marriage Register on the day. This can be a someone from the wedding party or family member, the choice is yours.


Other ceremonies

For other ceremonies l provide, the above is not required. If you have any questions please ask. l am happy to assist.