Renewal Of Vows

Congratulations you’re thinking of having a renewal of vows ceremony.

The renewal of vows ceremony is for anyone that has been together as a couple and wants to renew or reaffirm their wedding vows. Or the vows they said to each other in thier commitment ceremony. This can be at any time in your relationship. There are no rules to abide by as to when or where. The choice is yours.

There are many reasons you may want to have a renewal of vows ceremony.

Just to mention a few

  • You have been together for some time and you want everyone to know how special your partner is and the love you have for each other.
  •  Celebrating a significant anniversary in your life.
  •  You may have passed though a difficult time in your relationship

What ever the reason Paul will assist you in creating a special service that reflects your love for each other. This can be like your wedding or commitment service or completely different, the choice is yours.

I will create the special ceremony unique for you. After talking with you so together we can reflect your dreams and ideas.

You can ask special people in your lives to be part of your ceremony. They can be your children, your family or best friends remember the choice is yours.

You may want the people that witnessed your original certificate of marriage or commitment to be a witness to your renewal of vows and sign the certificate l will present to you on the day.

Pease email or phone me. So together we can make your ceremony special