Pet Funeral Services

When a Family Pet Dies, It can be a Stressful and traumatic time for you and the family. Especially the one that was in charge of feeding and looking after them. It's ok to take time to feel sadness and Grieve for the loss of your friend. Your pet may have been as small as a Gold fish, Rabbit or a Dog or maybe it was something else like a Cow or a Horse. Remember they were your special friend. So there is no reason why they can't have a special Pet Funeral Service, that reflects on who they were and what they meant to you.

Yes that’s right to some it’s a waste of money but to me it's about helping you to grieve the loss of your best friend and to celebrate the life they lived. There is no one way to say good bye. So if you want to have a Pet Funeral Service, I would love to help. Remember what is involved is up to you, the content of the service is about reflecting and sharing memories and the moments that made your pet special to you. The choice is yours. The first step is knowing what you would like? Do you want your pet to be cremated? Or a burial in your garden or a scattering of the ashes service?

Pet funeral serviceThe Choice is yours!

With every Pet Funeral, l will take the time to meet with you. So together we can make your Pet Funeral Service for your special friend the best it can be.

Remember no pet is the same. You may have 2 dogs from the same litter but they are different and individual so why should their final Farwell be the same. So when you need a caring hand and want to say thanks and to give your special friend the Pet Funeral that reflects your love.

Call Paul on 0417133599 or contact me online to arrange that special Pet Funeral Service. Areas covered from the Illawarra, Wollongong, Southern Highlands, Macarthur Areas, Blue Mountains, Sydney and in between.